Sources: An echo in the history of colour, Master project 2014 at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland

Sources is a collection of organic hand-printed handkerchiefs that illustrates the stories and anecdotes behind important traditional dyes in humanity such as Cochineal, Indigo and Madder. Conveying their background, ancient beauty and cultural aspects.

This project echoes the history of colour in the context of contemporary screen-printing practice by combining the usage of these natural dyes in the development of an organic print paste, with images from their history and traditional production.




“Natural Dyes are conceived as the motor for the human quest of colours, the remote ancestors of any colour, involving traditional techniques and ancestral methods. Exchanging their context into a modern screen-printing practice is an attempt to merge their ancient beauty into a contemporary design practice. Telling their story, conveying their background, making them protagonists again of a story traced back from the early sources of colour”






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